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This world we live in is messy.
We see that every day as we look at our homes, our neighbourhoods, our countries and our planet.  We might feel overwhelmed by the scale of the environmental, political, religious or personal problems which the people of the world face every day.  We might wonder how this has been allowed to happen.  We might start apportioning blame.  Our hearts might ache with compassion and pain for the suffering of this planet and its people.

But what can we do?

This blog is an attempt to foster our natural sense of community. To harness the outrage we feel when we look at the problems of the world, and to turn it into something good. To empower us with knowledge to know what exactly we can do: what small (or big) changes we can make - individually, collectively, or as a community - that will change the world for the better.

Together, we are powerful.

These issues are not without controversy, and you will not agree with everything that I think. I will try to researc…

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